Let’s pray together!

What is prayer?

  1. a solemn request for help or expression of thanks addressed to God.
    "I'll say a prayer for him"
    synonyms: invocationintercessiondevotion;

    "the priest's murmured prayers"

Prayer is a means of asking God to help guide your footsteps, ask for forgiveness, request divine intervention,  and give thanks for every little thing that you have been blessed with. When you take the time to say a prayer you are surrendering yourself to a greater divine energy so that you may be free from mental slavery and anguish.


Who should I pray for?

Pray for yourself and others even when it is hard to do so. You must say a prayer when you are on the verge of giving up and life seems completely unbearable. You will make it through this hardship and it will make you stronger than you were ever before! God only breaks certain things apart to bring greater things together! Trust the process in these chaotic times and use it to move closer to your true spiritual calling!

How, when, and where should I pray?

Prayer is about bringing yourself mentally into the spiritual realm by tuning your whole being into the highest divinity. Praying can be done at any place and moment in time. You can be at work struggling to get along with a coworker or experiencing a major life tragedy and in that moment you can say a prayer of peace, hope, serenity, security, and love. It can be as long or short as your heart desires.

When you desire to move closer to God and live in the fullness of your purpose/dreams/calling you will want to begin fasting in prayer by removing negative distractions from your life and taking a moment in time everyday to pray. This will be a journey to remember. It will give you a greater sense of strength, courage, and a higher self-esteem. Healing begins on the inside of you and works its way outward to then change your environment.

You can start small with a 7 day prayer fast or large with 30 days. Once you have decided on the time frame remember be true to this commitment even when it poses to be a difficult task or you no longer desire to do it because that is usually when prayer is needed the most! Find a quiet place to pray free from technological (computer, phone, tv, tablet, gaming systems, etc.) or personal distractions (friends, family, boyfriend, girlfriend, etc.). 

Praying in nature or a garden is a great way to really tune into the spiritual realm. Gazing at the clouds in the sky can help get negative things off of your mind. Lift your hands to the sky and surrender yourself to our heavenly creator. A simple prayer goes a long way. Once you release the worry God can begin working. You have to believe in what you are requesting and know that in due time things will turn around. 



There is power in numbers and faith.

Have you ever heard the saying "the more the merrier" or "a little faith goes a long way"? Well this is very true when it comes to prayer! When you ask others to join you in prayer or request that they pray for your concern with you and all you have is just a little faith, you should know this is when you will experience the power of prayer!

I pray for  heavy burden to be lifted.

I pray for the uncertainty to be shifted.

Give me patience, endurance, serenity,

I pray this please,

for peace times infinity

I pray for more love and kindness,

from the most royal highness.

I pray for ability in my walk,

courage in my voice when I talk.

Oh heavenly creator,

please hear my heart cry,

I ask for a piece of peace,

and to feel your lullaby.

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