What is meditation?

Meditation is a form of relaxation that focuses on mental awareness in the present moment, creating balance, and oneness. It’s much simpler than you may actually realize and it is a very pleasant occurrence that one may consider indulging in for spiritual and mental healing. It is a splendid medicine!  Meditation consists of becoming one or going back to one with your true divine self. Often times we become discombobulated in our life through our scattered thoughts and mental imprisonment. During these times we must take a step back from everyday life to regroup, reflect, and allow our minds to rest.


Where and when should I meditate?

As with prayer meditation can be done at any moment in time and at any place but please do not engage in it while operating any machinery, riding a bike, car, motorcycle, boat, or while doing any other physical activity! It is intended for you to be still and passive. It can also go right along with prayer. You can go on a meditation and prayer fast for 7 or more days to help rejuvenate your mind, body, soul, and spirit.

How should I meditate?

Like prayer with fasting, meditation with fasting can be done successfully in a quiet and safe place free from distractions. You can allocate a certain time each day for however long you so choose and begin by just being still in a comfortable position. Yes there are precise positions you can use to enable various chakras within your body as with yoga poses but it is not a necessity for a beginner’s meditation session. Simply lying back in your bed with your eyes closed and envisioning a crisp oceanic or tropical scenery will be just fine. You can play instrumental music or maybe you could use a simulated waterfall décor item to listen to the water running. You can purchase a small one at a local department store or online for $5 to $10. If you are not financially able to then playing running water sounds from your phone or radio will work as well. Focus your mind on solitude and tranquility. You can also begin taking deep breaths and stretching your body. While you are stretching really focus on each aspect of what you are currently doing and how your body is operating.

Finish strong!


When you are finished take the time to thank God for every little thing you have in your life because often times it is the smallest things in life that truly mean the most. Next take the time out to tell someone you love them. At last you should finish your day by practicing forgiveness because every moment you have here is precious and not guaranteed.

Meditate On God's Vow By Rosita Velez

Meditate on God's vow,

Meditate in the here and now.

Blissful promises shall blossom soon,

just hold tight to faith,

and listen closely to the melodious tune,

a tune of tranquil, solitude, laughter,

perpetual happiness will soon,

be your happily ever after.

Balance is what you must create,

awareness when adversity brings irate,

so you may pray and meditate,

for God to bring once more ability to withstand,

 and elate to walk you through the reprimand.

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