Consuming Clean

What does it mean to eat clean?

Eating clean can be defined as the consumption of foods in their most natural form which includes items like fresh fruits, vegetables, beans, fish, nuts, and other meats. Moderation is key to your success and don’t be so hard on yourself otherwise you won’t have the necessary level of self-esteem to be successful.

What does it mean to drink clean?

Drinking clean consist of taking in fluids that will reap healthy benefit for you as a whole. You should choose water as your number one beverage of choice and everything else should follow after in moderation!

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What does it mean to consume clean vibrations?

Everything around you gives off positive or negative vibrations and the majority of the time you are able to decide what you wish to take into your vessel. The vibrations can come from the level of cleanliness in a room that you reside, the people around you, relationships, your work environment, the repercussions of the actions you take, the amount of prayer you engage in, food, beverages, and much more! When you consume clean vibrations you are being mindful of anything taken into your being that may cause an adverse reaction to your life and deter you from your true divine purpose!

What causes depression?

Let’s take a look at the cause for a disease that millions of people suffer from world-wide.

Depression is typically caused by one or all of 5 things:

  1. Lack of faith – A belief that nothing will ever change or get better.
  2. Low Self-esteem – When you don’t think you are good enough or worthy. This could be in reference to your physical appearance, capabilities, or personality/character.
  3. Your consumption
  4. Your actions
  5. Your Reactions


How does consumption affect your mood?

Your consumption has the ability to boost your spirits or defile your soul and it plays a major role in your overall physical health. Depression can be a product of how you are eating and drinking. Eating foods like berries, green leafy vegetables, carrots, and squash can be the medicine for healing yourself of depression, anxiety, obesity, and other health related issues.

Consuming positive or negative vibrations from the people around you is a key factor to your mood and energy level. When you have positive people around you, you will become energized and able to function properly where as negative people will drain you of life and leave you feeling depressed.

The occupation or environment that you reside in can send out positive and/or negative vibrations. Both of which you consume on a daily basis. They can boost your mood or lower it. Find a job that makes you happy or create one! Depression can leave everything in your life disorderly including your living space. Something that you can do to alleviate some of the sadness is by taking the time to clean your space. You can plan small by making a goal to clean one area of your home one day or even one space in a room. Once you have completed this task you will notice a big difference in your mood.

Always remember to take it one step and day at a time. Balance, moderation, persistence, and patience are key components to succeeding in your goal of creating a happier and healthier you through clean consumption!


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