Fuel 4 Poetry

What is poetry?

Poetry is any form of deep artistic expression that has a rhythmic flow, spiritually driven, and is the epitome of an innovative language. It can come in the form of a traditionally written poem, song, dance, painting, sculpture, spoken words, and much more! Your poetry can also be the way in which you are motivated to rise above adverse circumstances and in other words your life can be poetry. For example you may have a friend, family member, music, career, dance, exercise, or God that motivates you to stand up stronger and this occurrence can be considered poetry.

The concept of poetry is one of the oldest forms of communications and many people would agree that it is the language in which the Holy Bible was written. The word poetry was inspired by the term poiesis which is the greek term for poetry and essentially means to create or make.


What does it mean to “Fuel 4 Poetry”/fuel for poetry?


Depression can cause you to feel alone in the world and as though you have nobody to speak with but this is far from the truth. There is always someone who will love to listen to what is on your heart and mind. Often times we may find it difficult to open up but it is a necessity to heal from dark and sinister thoughts. Simply expressing yourself can help relieve a lot of your bottled up emotions that are weighing heavily on your mind and heart. A great way to start would be to write exactly what you are thinking and feeling down on paper, type it up on a computer, or phone. Let the words flow freely and artistically then share your "Fuel 4 Poetry" with your friends or family! Also try sharing it at an open-mic and/or on social media with the tag #MyFuel4Poetry to help raise awareness for healing of mental illness with Omni-Poetical Therapy!

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