Pray. Meditate. Move. Consume Clean. & use your pain as fuel for poetry.

The Birth of Fuel 4 poetry®

In a heaven where life is everlasting and love is always free God created us as gallant song birds of harmony! We were created to fly high and live out our dreams to the fullest extent but somewhere along the way we got lost, beaten, and battered with malice, deception, and unfortunate. We became weak and not able to speak. God heard our silent cries and sent soothing lullabies. We stood again, we sang again, we praised again, and a lesson was learned as the page was gracefully turned. This though was only the beginning of a cycle that shall never cease and the aching soul will elevate into increase. That cycle is…..the circle of life through the birth, the birth of our heavenly purpose! Read more by clicking or tapping the Fuel 4 Poetry® logo!

On this very day our creator and founder, Rosita Velez, had been at her parents house browsing the internet and pacing the floor in deep thought. After years of suffering, hundreds of prayers, over 300 poems, and overcoming suicide many times her purpose was unlocked! The idea entered her mind like a  bolt of lightening and it would be something much greater than she could have ever imagined!

Our CEO & President, Rosita Velez, filed in August of 2014 for Fuel 4 Poetry® to become an official non-profit corporation in the state of Kentucky!

On January 8th 2015 our CEO & President, Rosita Velez, listened to God lead her and she filed to become a nationally recognized tax exempt organization even without the funding to get a lawyer for assistance. On January 16th 2015 her organization was approved as a tax exempt non-corporation classified under the internal revenue code of 501c3.  

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The Bible Verse of The Day

He has made everything beautiful in its time. He has also set eternity in the human heart; yet no one can fathom what God has done from beginning to end.

Become a poetic star

…to create a legacy of heroism & love…

A poetic star is one who can master forgiveness, loves deeply, works diligently on their purpose and dreams, and places God at the center of everything they do, is patient, and strives to pave the way for others to do the same! Are you ready to achieve this greatness? Sign up now to become a Poetic Star! Tap or click the picture to begin!

Overcome adversity with spirituality, mindfullness, pure consumption, movement, and poetical expression! 

Share your testimony on any platform then use the tag #MyFuel4Poetry in your social media post about it!

Start or join a movement to fulfill your stellar purpose! 

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Fuel 4 Poetry® is a 501c3 non-profit organization that has a mission to help individuals rebuild their lives from the ground up through three main programs: Omni-poetical Therapy, Gardens of Poetica, and Poetic Stars. In our Poetic Stars program we help people from a variety of backgrounds and cultures with starting their poetical venture and one way we do that is by assisting them with building their own website. We have an affiliate agreement with our hosting provider ipage that provides us with a commission from each new account we register through our affiliate link/banner to the left. %100 of our earnings go toward our mission of saving lives physically and mentally! 

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