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What is Fuel 4 Poetry® Corporation?

Fuel 4 Poetry® is a registered 501(c)3, public charity/non-profit organization that was first established by our CEO Rosita Velez on December 29th 2012. It was her divine purpose from God unlocked by her faith, persistence, and diligence in healing from mental illness. It was birthed from darkness, obscurity, and created with the greatest intent of purity.

What do we do?

Fuel 4 Poetry® is a non-profit organization created to aid in the healing of mental illness through Omni-Poetical Therapy. We strive to achieve balance and community with the usage of poetical artistry as well as redefining poetry.

We have three core programs to help fuel our mission and they run consecutively: Omni-Poetical Therapy, Gardens of Poetica, and Poetic Stars.



How prevalent is mental illness?

Did you know...Mental illness affects millions of people world wide every year! It is the culprit for homelessness, joblessness, health problems, major disorganization in ones life, self-harm, drug or alcohol addiction, and suicide which is one of the leading causes of death world wide!

According to the “World Health Organization” 300 million people suffer from depression world-wide and close to 800,000 people die by suicide every year! That means close to 2 people will have taken their life every minute!

How can I help?

Take action now to help save a life by donating to one of our projectsvolunteering, or shopping in our Poetical Creations store!

How can my purchase or donation make a difference?

%100 of your purchase and/or donation will be used to give us the ability to continue offering free and income based Omni-Poetical Therapy to individuals suffering from mental illness. We also use the financial resources to create free poetical workshops that provide support and guidance for one to establish or create a career, and free seminars to show people how to become a Poetic Star. When we are mentally well we become physically well and able to fulfill our destiny in life!


Fuel 4 Poetry®

We are a 501c3 public charity that focuses on healing individuals from the ground up. We believe that if you are mentally well then you shall be physically well and everything else will fall into place thereafter.


Help us fuel the mission by donating as little as $1 today! All donations are %100 tax deductible


Share your poetical story of how you survived suicide now with the hashtag #MyFuel4Poetry!


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To arrange a consultation or workshop, send us a message.

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(502) 791 - 6205
Monday through Friday: 9:00am to 5:00pm EST

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