# My Fuel 4 Poetry

Pray. Meditate. Move. Consume Clean. and use your pain as "Fuel 4 Poetry" then share it on social media with the hashtag #MyFuel4Poetry to be featured on our pages and/or website!

How it works

Fuel 4 Poetry

Pray and use your pain as "Fuel 4 Poetry"/fuel for poetry! Poetry is any form of deep artistic expression that has a rhythmic flow and is spiritually driven. It can come in the form of a traditionally written poem, song, dance, painting, sculture, spoken words, and much more! Your "Fuel 4 Poetry" can also be what motivates you to rise above adverse circumstances and in other words your life is poetry. For example you may have a friend, family member, music, career, dance, exercise, or God that motivates you to stand up stronger. Take a picture of your "Fuel 4 Poetry and share it!

Share it!

There are several platforms to share your "Fuel 4 Poetry on and you can voice yourself on as many as you like! When you take a chance to be brave you give others courage to do the same. Your poetry can inspire others and help save lives. Positivity is contageous and we are working to infiltrate as many lives as possible with a powerful message that will leave a lasting impression for years to come. A cycle of insanity is what we are working to break and you play a key role in making this happen! You have a purpose, we all have a purpose!


When you share your "Fuel 4 Poetry" with the hashtag #MyFuel4Poetry on instagram, twitter, or our facebook page @Fuel4Poetry it will automatically appear in the proper gallery below. We will select a few every month that share our prominent mission as well as follow us on instragam, twitter, and facebook to showcase on our website in the most majestic way! You are a beautiful light of love that the world needs to see so let go of fear and fly into your true destiny!

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