Unisex Long Sleeve Shirt: God Made A Way

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Unisex long sleeve shirt that reads: “I’m saved, for God has paved, a way when I thought there was none, my story has just begun.”

Our Mission

Fuel 4 Poetry is a non-profit organization created to aid in the healing of mental illness through Omni-Poetical Therapy, Gardens of Poetic Love, & Poetic Stars. We strive to achieve balance and community with the usage of poetical artistry as well as redefining poetry. God gave me this remedy to heal and now I share with you all!-Rosita Velez, Creator and CEO of Fuel 4 Poetry

How prevalent is mental illness?

According to the “World Health Organization” 300 million people suffer from depression world-wide and close to 800,000 people die by suicide every year! That means close to 2 people will have taken their life every minute!

How can my purchase or donation make a difference?

%100 of your purchase and/or donation will be used to give us the ability to continue offering free and income based Omni-Poetical Therapy to individuals suffering from mental illness. We also use the financial resources to create free poetical workshops that provide support and guidance for one to establish or create a career, and free seminars to show people how to become a Poetic Star. When we are mentally well we become physically well and able to fulfill our destiny in life!


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