Project Poetic Diamonds

Poetic Diamonds is one of a few projects "Fuel 4 Poetry" has created to aid in the healing of mental illness through Omni-Poetical Therapy! We have partnered with our sister organization, Maria De Amor, to bring this project to life and to help honor our founder Rosita Velez's sister who was sadly taken on April 2nd 2017 to domestic violence. This campaign is intended to help those who have been impacted by domestic violence by providing care packages that include resources for financial support, poetical messages of inspiration, food items, and basic toiletries all placed within a purse or backpack. We also host various Poetic Diamonds Workshops that help fund this project. During the workshops you will learn about the basic operations of a non-profit, create a life piece of jewelry, and create poetical messages of hope for those who have suffered from domestic violence. This includes those who have experienced it first hand and those who have suffered the loss of a loved one due to domestic violence.

Gardens of Poetica

Gardens of Poetica is an ongoing chapter of Fuel 4 Poetry created to help those suffering from major mental illness and poverty. We focus on rebuilding families and youth through the concept of gardening literally and metaphorically with Omni-Poetical Therapy. We teach the importance of consuming clean, how to start your own garden or join a community garden, and what it means to heal the mind, body, soul, and spirit through the Gardens of Poetica™! Our number one goal with this project for 2018-2019 is to have enough land to begin a community garden by our 7th year anniversary which is on December 29th 2019.  With the official Gardens of Poetica we will be able to help those suffering from hunger and mental illness on a much larger scale! If you would like to donate, volunteer, or purchase a shirt to help this initiative please click or tap one of the buttons below.  

O.P.T Low Income Fund

O.P.T best known as Omni-Poetical Therapy  is a medicine that consist of holistic healing of the mind, body, soul, and spirit. The five major components of this therapy are spirituality, meditation, moving, consuming clean, and venting your emotions through a poetical medium! During the second stage of the therapy individuals will be provided resources and educational assistance on how to begin a successful career they are passionate about or create one. We offer one on one and group sessions for all those in need of healing from a mental illness. The "O.P.T Low Income Fund" was created to help fund free and income based therapy for those at or below the national poverty level. If you would like to donate to this fund please tap or click the button below.

Fuel 4 Poetry's Therapy Sanctuary Funding Campaign

Fuel 4 Poetry's Therapeutic Sanctuary will provide a variety of innovative initiatives to help prevent mental illness among individuals of all ages located in the Louisville, KY area. With this physical location participants will be able to join one or more of our long term poetical programs which allow free therapy, career building, housing assistance, and other benefits to rebuild. Be a star sponsor for this campaign and pledge to donate funding for a month or more!

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