The Birth


Weak she was yet she still crawled through the darkness...

God created her with a very specific purpose to carry out in a magnificent way but at some point on her journey she allowed the negativity of others to set her astray. She allowed their opinions and hatred to control her life to the point where she just wanted to give up yet she still found the courage to pray. She prayed those negative thoughts about herself away. For many years she battled thoughts of suicide however she knew God would save her and although she couldn't see how or when, she believed! As time went on and with each new prayer she became stronger and wiser.

A walk through fire...

She learned to walk through the fire with her head held a little higher in the midst of all the turmoil. It was her intent ears that listened to God guide her foot steps in those heated moments that seemed so unbearable. She prayed and learned to channel her emotions through poetry. She continued to creatively release her bottled emotions and with each new prayer, meditation session, clean meal, dance or exercise, and poem she began to find her mental freedom again. 

The Sweet Destiny of Finding Balance

As the year came to a close in 2012 she experieced a major turning point that would change her life forever. On December 29th 2012 she began pacing the floor at her parents house after scrolling through facebook seeing people who created various fan, business, and community pages. Suddenly the idea of her purpose came to the light! She proclaimed it out loud as "Fuel 4 Poetry." That very day she started "Fuel 4 Poetry" simply as a community page on fb but even though she could not see exactly how,she knew it would become much greater than anything she could have ever imagined alone. This major turning point meant she found a peace of mind. It meant she had finally found something to fall back to when life became rough and unbearable. She found balance on a sweet destiny that carries on into infinity and that is life. It's life with the good, the bad, and learning to find the middle ground or balance.

Believing without seeing...

In 2013 she began to feel this dynamic pull at her core to follow where her heart leads. It logically didn't make sense because of her financial state at the time but she listened to her heart anyway. God said move and she moved without any questions. She studied for hours, while depressed, on how to build a website, legally establish a non-profit organization, and recieve grants. Everything she heard or read from others all said she would need thousands of dollars, lawyers, and it would take months to hear anything during these processes but she through all that out the window and decided to take a leap of faith. With only $3 she established and built her first webdsite for "Fuel 4 Poetry." About a year later in 2014 she established "Fuel 4 Poetry" as a legal non-profit corporation in the state she resided without a lawyer and only $8. January 8th 2015 she sacrificed $400 from her paycheck to establish on her own "Fuel 4 Poetry" as a 501c3 public charity. Exactly 8 days later she was appproved! January 30th 2015 she sacrificed $250 to register the "Fuel 4 Poetry's" trademark with the USPTO. She heard back from them 8 days later then her mark was uploaded just a few months later without any trouble! She applied for advertising grants one day in May of 2015 and that same day she was approved! When God says it's time to move you listen and go even if it doesn't make sense!   

Our Mission

Fuel 4 Poetry is a non-profit organization created to aid in the healing of mental illness through Omni-Poetical Therapy. We strive to achieve balance and community with the usage of poetical artistry as well as giving poetry a new meaning. God gave me this remedy to heal and now I share with you all!-Rosita Velez, Creator and CEO of Fuel 4 Poetry 

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